Monday, May 27, 2013

What is the Number One Tip For Successful Weight Loss?

The number one tip for effective, long lasting weight loss is to throw your scales away. Your scales will not tell you how much fat you have lost. Did you know it is possible to gain weight but lose size? This may sound like a contradiction in terms but it is absolutely true.

So how can this be? If you are following a protein rich diet, which is essential for weight loss, and at the same time following an exercise program it is likely that you will be turning unwanted fat into lean muscle. As this process happens your body is becoming more toned and therefore your measurements will be less. However at the same time the fat you are losing will weigh less than the muscle you are gaining and so the weight loss you were looking for will be replaced initially with a weight gain. Once your body has adjusted to the new regime then you will find that you will lose weight quickly and easily. In order to deal with this initial weight gain you need to re program your mental attitude towards your weight. If you are feeling good and your clothes are fitting well, focus on that rather than what the scales are telling you.

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When the scales don't show the weight loss you were hoping for don't fall into the trap of cutting calories. Cutting calories can be disastrous and will certainly do nothing to help you lose weight permanently. In fact it is more likely to do the reverse. The body's response to calorific restriction is to decrease the number of enzymes in the body that burn fat and increase the number of enzymes that store fat.

Ultimately you will alter your hormone output and your metabolism will slow down to respond to the reduction in fuel. If on top of this you start to do more exercise your body will be even more stressed and your thyroid will slow down your metabolism even further to keep you alive. Weight loss will not occur under these conditions.

If instead you eat a protein rich diet and build your lean muscle, the muscle in turn will improve your ability to burn unwanted fat and ultimately giving you the weight loss you so desire. If treated sensibly the body has the ability to regulate itself. If you starve it, it will go into protective mode, and take precautionary measures that will ultimately affect and even prevent any possible weight loss.

So take my advice and throw away your scales and trust that you will lose weight effectively by eating more protein and not by cutting your calorific intake.

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