Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Biggest Secret to Weight Loss Success

There are lots of weight loss secrets being floated around, but the biggest one is that the best way to lose weight permanently (and safely) is to stop dieting. It defies common sense-at least on the surface-but dieting is the worst thing you can do if you are looking to keep excess weight off.

Do diets work? Yes and No.

Yes: Diets are designed to be short term. So if you are looking to drop a couple pounds to fit into a dress for cousin Sue's wedding next month-sure, a diet may be able to help you do that. Just realize that the minute the diet ends, so does fitting into that dress. No: Diets are designed to be short term. In order to lose a significant amount of weight...say 20 pounds or would have to have a lot of will power to stay on a diet for a long time. And again, the minute the diet ends, so does the weight loss success you've had. Diets don't work long term because they force you to forgo your favorite foods in order to drop weight.

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Diets require you dramatically cut back on calories all at once. Some have you eat the same foods every day, or strange foods, or really expensive foods. Other diets have you eating in such a way you can't keep it up and maintain your health because you are missing a major food group and all the nutrients it provides.

It is the basic premise that you can lose weight with a short term change of what goes in your mouth that is the problem.

Instead of making this huge sudden change to what you are eating, if you really want to have weight loss success then you need to make small changes, gradually. And the first changes that you have to make aren't dealing with food at all! The first changes you must make to really lose weight are to your mindset-how you think about food, yourself, your body...including your weight.

The real secret to losing weight is what is going on in your mind! When you start there, what is going into your mouth will begin to change naturally.

Rather than dieting over and over and beating ourselves up and trying to restrict our food even more...which will just lead to another dieting failure...we must change our mindset to lose weight. We must begin to think positive things about ourselves and our bodies. We must notice the successes we do have and build upon those.

Bottom line, in order to have weight loss success, we must first begin to believe we can-and that we deserve to be healthy. Until we own these two beliefs then any weight loss we have will only be temporary. This positive attitude is necessary for losing weight-- permanently and safely.

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