Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weight Loss Diet Plans - Get Faster Results by Using the Jump Start Method

There are many weight loss diet plans out there that can give you fast results but if you add the Jump Start method to your plan you will see even faster results.

The challenge many people face when they decide it is time to lose weight is that their body has become resistant to weight loss and even though they are putting the maximum effort into changing their results are coming slow.

Slow weight loss is common in people who have been overweight or inactive for a long time or in people who follow a generally poor diet that is high in refined carbohydrates.

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To get faster results from your weight loss diet plans you can use this Jump Start method which primes the body for success.

1. Shift carbs to the mornings. By eliminating carbohydrates such as breads, cereals, pastas and rice from your diet after lunch you force your body to burn alternative sources of energy such as body fat and in a short period of time your body becomes an efficient body fat burner.

2. Remove refined carbohydrates from your diet for 2 weeks. Refined carbs breakdown super fast in your body and actually set up an internal environment that prevents fat loss.

3. Drink water and avoid calorie-containing drinks. Drop the calorie drinks, they have little value and a lot of calories.

4. If you must eat before bedtime make it protein or veggies. Try to avoid late night eating but if you are truly hungry your body will handle these foods without causing an insulin spike which can block fat loss.

You can get faster results from your weight loss diet plans by giving your diet a jump start and priming your body for success.

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