Sunday, April 7, 2013

Achieve Weight Loss Without Diet Pills by Fixing Your Thinking

You can achieve weight loss without diet pills and the secret lies not in the food on your plate but in the thoughts that live inside your head. The lure of a quick fix from a diet pill can be enticing but the problem is that most don't work and that many have side-effects that are unpleasant to say the least. This article shows you practical ways to fix your thinking so you can achieve weight loss without diet pills.

Many of us would love for weight loss to be solved by taking a pill once a day but even this thought is misguided. The first step in getting your thinking fixed and losing weight is to understand that losing weight will require your active participation.

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I like to help clients fix their thinking by having them consider a few "acceptance" statements. These are simply statements that they accept as part of their participation in the weight loss journey. I outline them briefly below:

1. Accept that you have what it takes to lose weight. Very often we feel like others have advantages over us that help them lose weight and that we simply were born without those advantage. This is not true, you have the same abilities as the next person.

2. Accept that the weight will not come off without your participation. We can easily spend years looking for the "perfect diet" or the "perfect pill" that will allow us to eat whatever we want without restriction and lose weight, but the truth is you must actively participate in your weight loss by eating better and exercising.

3. Accept that you can always do more. One of the biggest reasons I see people stop their diet plan is because they aren't willing to modify their original plan. Look, everyone's body behaves differently and what works for one person might need to be slightly altered for you. Be willing to start your plan and then tweak it until you get results.

You can achieve weight loss without diet pills and to do so you will want to work on fixing your thinking by accepting that you have what it takes to lose weight, you need to be an active participant in your plan and that you can always do more.

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