Sunday, April 7, 2013

Most Powerful Weight Loss Foods

A lot of weight loss programs teach you to keep a food log. Not many tell you what to do with that food log. What if you calculated the average weight loss on every day that you ate a particular food? Would that be useful? After you gathered enough days of data, you could compare foods and determine the most powerful foods for weight loss!

I did that. Here are the most powerful foods I found for fast weight loss:

Tilapia (a kind of fish)
I lost an average of 1.4 pounds every day that I ate Tilapia fish as a part of my daily eating plan. Wow! That's an incredible number. I would never have guessed that if I hadn't kept a food log and calculated the average weight loss for each food.

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Here's another one: Broccoli
I lost an average of 0.9 pounds every day that I ate broccoli. This is another food that is recommended by a lot of weight loss plans, but I would never have guessed it was quite that powerful.

Here is a surprise: Coconut Meat
I lost an average of 1.33 pounds every day that I ate coconut meat. I LOVE coconut meat, but had always thought it would pack on the pounds. It is high in saturated fat and is sweet. This discovery alone makes keeping a food log worthwhile to me.

And the biggest surprise, and the number one winner: Coconut Oil
I lost a whopping 1.53 pounds on average every day that I ate something cooked in coconut oil. I also sometimes added a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to the blender when making a smoothie. This was a huge find. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat and I expected it to be a weight gainer. It turned out to be a huge weight loser!

Do you keep a food log? Plug it into a spreadsheet and figure out what your biggest weight losing foods are. Even better, get some of the software available on the Internet that is specifically designed for this purpose. You might find some great weight losers that you really enjoy eating (like I did). Maybe you'll even find out that chocolate cake and ice cream are great weight losers for you (although I doubt it). Regardless, try out the above foods if you like them and see if they help you lose weight too.

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